By Lesley Messer
August 06, 2007 12:00 PM

As a high-powered chef in the new romantic drama No Reservations, Catherine Zeta-Jones, 37, chops, mixes and sautées with ease. In real life? “I have somebody who does come in and help me from time to time,” she says with a smile. The Welsh Oscar winner (for 2002’s Chicago) and mother of two (with husband Michael Douglas) sat down with PEOPLE’s Lesley Messer to satisfy your curiosity about parenthood, staying fit and how she keeps her locks so silky (sorry, no caviar!).

You have an amazing figure. How do you keep yourself looking so great after having kids?

Lizz Wright Missoula, Mont.

Aw, thank you. Well, it takes a lot of time. These days it’s like a race to the finish line: Who can look back in shape the quickest after having kids. I was really quite sensible with it. I do a lot of swimming and I think I’m going to start up with my tap dancing lessons when the kids go back to school. And I eat sensibly.

If you could only eat three foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Aimee Dunlow Rowlett, Texas

Smoked salmon sandwiches with potato chips crunched inside. Fish and chips if I didn’t put on weight, and chicken. I eat so much chicken.

I’m learning to play golf and have seen you play on TV in charity events. How often do you get to play?

Tuyet Bailey Madison, Ala.

When I’m at home in Bermuda, a golf course is right next door to our house. What we do is, we take the kids [Dylan, 6, and Carys, 4] to school and play as many holes as we can before I pick my daughter up at lunchtime. If I’m not doing anything, I like to play twice a week. I have a whole bunch of girlfriends who I play with. We have a girls’ day which is always fun because it’s like, “Oh, we’re not playing well. Let’s go for lunch and have a glass of wine!”

When it comes to cooking at home for the family, who’s the best cook in the house?

DeeAnna Entzi Loveland, Colo.

I think Michael is the best in the mornings. He’s the best with the scrambled eggs, the pancakes and the waffles—and he really enjoys it! He does it with the kids, where they break the eggs and do the mixing. It’s like a little treat we have on Sundays.

Is there any kind of food you absolutely hate?

Brittney Rainer Chisago City, Minn.

Peanut butter. I never had it growing up, and I don’t like the consistency. I’ve tried chunky and smooth. My husband and kids love it and I’m, like, about to lose it or throw up. On the other side of the Atlantic we have Marmite [a dark brown spread made from yeast extract]. I love it.

Do you really use caviar on your hair?

Kristen Stratton New Egypt, N.J.

Can you believe that story? I wish I could afford to use caviar on my hair! I wouldn’t be wasting it on my hair, let me tell you. And what was the other thing, truffle? Imagine wasting truffle on your hair. After making this movie, I’d prefer to cook with it. Or eat it all up myself out of the tin!

Other than your mom and dad, what do you miss the most about Wales?

Hakan Baykal Portland, Ore.

I miss the small-town community that I was brought up in. Of course I miss my friends. I hate when I need to call my friend or my mum that I’ve got to look at my watch to count back the hours of what time it is there. I miss having my kids just run around and play in the garden. It’s very simple [in Swansea], and I get such a warm welcome. It’s not like, “Oh, there’s Catherine Zeta-Jones.” It’s like, “Hey, Cath! Hiya!”