By People Staff
November 24, 1975 12:00 PM

Mama, who phones her at least four times a week, wants her back in New York. Columnists say that Grandma Rose has told her to come home too. But headstrong Caroline Kennedy has said she likes England and is staying.

Caroline arrived in London in early October to begin a 10-month art appreciation course at the well-known auction house, Sotheby’s. Late last month she escaped injury in a terrorist bombing and, undeterred, she has swung into a vigorous social life and a reputation as the new belle of Europe.

Her generous figure solidly bivouacked inside capes and ankle-length skirts, Caroline travels London by bus and underground. “She seems to like to look scruffy,” says one girlfriend. “Perhaps it’s a reaction to all those clothes her mother buys.” Says another acquaintance, “She’s very immature and knows little about the ways of the world. At her age, British girls are more advanced and sexually experienced.”

To the ronde of 18-year-old Caroline’s life, several beaus have been added. One is Mark Shand, 24, the nephew of multimillionaire constructor Lord Ashcombe. Caroline met him three years ago while vacationing in Barbados. It was he who helped get her enrolled in the Sotheby course. But if Caroline has romantic feelings toward the ruggedly handsome and athletic Shand, he dismisses them, saying she is “too young.” His regular girlfriend is Barbara Trentham, an actress who appeared in Rollerball. Another escort is Sebastian Taylor, 25, a dapper, but rude Englishman who used to date Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia. And Caroline has also been seen in the company of Jonathan Guinness, a member of the brewing family.

She is living on a monthly allowance of about $250, drinks mostly Cokes and an occasional glass of wine and champagne and does not smoke. Since the bombing outside the home of Hugh Fraser, M.P., where she was living, she has been looking for an apartment. She was offered the Mayfair Mews flat of Christina Onassis, but turned it down. She is now lodged at the home of Prince Stanislas Radziwill, former husband of her Aunt Lee.

In the last month Caroline has been to the country every weekend. At one recent wedding she danced until 5 a.m. As one escort puts it, “Caroline is enjoying herself, seeing things—and growing up fast.”