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October 14, 2009 12:00 PM

Nathan Kress



AGE 16



How do you get ready to shoot a scene?

I get kind of pumped up by doing jumping jacks, push-ups, just kind of jumping around and stretching a little bit. The crew knows when you don’t have energy.

The wardrobe room is huge. Do you ever grab a few items?

I’ve actually bartered with the wardrobe ladies to get some stuff. In one episode I was wearing these awesome steel-toed boots. I went in and asked how much she wanted for them. She said to keep them!

Favorite gadget?

Definitely my iPod Touch. It’s kind of my personal life bundled into a little megabyte. It’s my PDA, my entertainment and my remind system. I love it.

What do you like to do with friends in your downtime?

Our thing is going to Disneyland—I’m an annual pass holder. Even better, if I get the chance to get a couple of guys together, we’ll go Airsofting at a warehouse. It’s like paintball, but you use 6-mm plastic BB bullets.

Best way to relax in the greenroom?

We have an Xbox 360, and that’s definitely my thing. Noah Munck, who plays Gibby, is a big-time gamer, so we’ll play some Rock Band or Call of Duty. Those are our wind-down activities.

You wear a band on your ring finger. Any significance?

It’s my purity ring that I got in 2008. It’s a promise to lead a pure life. I’m human, so there’s no way I’m going to be perfect, but it’s just my reminder to try to do my best. If I’m deciding whether to do something or to go the other way, I look at it. It’s definitely helped to serve as a reminder of what I stand for.

Jennette McCurdy



AGE 17



What was your first acting gig?

I was 7 and I did an open casting call for Faith Hill‘s “The Way You Love Me” music video, where I played her daughter. I loved the song and just got really interested in country music from that moment on.

Now you have a country music album coming out. Why go country?

I’m fascinated with the lyrics. They’re so real and they tell a story. Everything is out on the table and it just feels like home.

Weirdest fan encounter?

I was in a parade and a mom came up to me with her 6-month-old and thrust the baby into my arms. I was like, what do you want me to do? She goes, “Just hold my baby. I want to tell her you touched her!”

What’s a must-have in your dressing room?

Throat drops. I’ll have about five a day just to keep my voice calm—they keep my throat from getting raspy. I have one job [acting] that requires talking and another one [singing] that requires vocal rest, so they contradict themselves.

Do you get an allowance?

Nope! I think I have like five dollars in my wallet right now. I put all my money directly in the bank. I want to save up. Maybe someday I’ll buy something and splurge, but so far nothing yet.

What’s your strangest quirk?

I wear mismatched socks every day, like green stripes and purple polka dots. When I go to airports, security guards do a double take.

Jerry Trainor



AGE 32



What’s the strangest scene you’ve done recently?

We just did a ridiculous webisode where I was a cowboy and Miranda was a farm girl, and she bites my foot to wake me up. Before we shot it, we swabbed sanitizer all over my foot, because you got to make sure everything is clean.

What’s in your dressing room?

I have a backpack with my MacBook Pro and some books. I’m very relaxed in my room, trying to zone everything out, because once I leave, the performance energy just goes up and it’s show time!

How many songs do you have on your iTunes?

Maybe 30,000. I used to work at a Starbucks next to a record store. We would give them free drinks, and they would give me discounts on CDs. I like lots of indie rock and punk—Radiohead and Tokyo Police Club are my faves.

Any preshow rituals?

Mine is to make some fart jokes and get that energy up so we’re ready to go, because we’re always on a tight military schedule.

What do you do to unwind after a long day?

I like small gatherings and little house parties. I’m a homebody with my dog [2½-year-old Jindo] Shoe. We go to the park and run around. I also like going to the movies or to a pub.

Fans are fascinated with your hair. What’s with that?

I have no idea! It’s flattering, weird and sort of awesome too. I never thought my hair was anything special. I just shower, blow dry, put some stuff in it, and that’s it.

What would you be doing if you weren’t in the biz?

Nothing. I honestly can’t imagine it!

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