October 26, 1992 12:00 PM

Prime-Time Queen, 46

NICHE: America’s reigning WASP princess, heir to Grace Kelly’s well-bred good looks.

BEAUTY SECRET: Born that way.

TRUE CONFESSION: Her preferred outfit is a sweat suit.

America’s favorite single mom doesn’t Quayle in the face of criticism. But then, what’s to criticize? Even dressed in flannel pajamas printed with coffeepots—a costume chosen personally by Bergen—Murphy Brown looks terrific.

Not that Candice and Murphy are interchangeable. Aside from such stunning attire as the black, shoulder-revealing Donna Karan dress she wore to the Emmys, Bergen swears that she’s a sartorial piker compared with Murphy. Candice never wears heels and can’t stand trendiness—”I’d rather shoot myself than wear a bustier.” On her, however, classic takes on new dimensions. As designer Richard Tyler says, “She’s a great role model.” Take that, Mr. Vice President.

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