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Luck is no longer a Lady—she’s a 1970s Woman, which is to say nobody owns her. In 1974, certainly, hubris was punished as at no time since Herodotus was a pup. But most misfortunes, Richard Nixon’s excepted, seem reversible. Curious as to what the stars hold for others of the year’s tumbled Humpty-Dumpties, PEOPLE revisited Washington astrologer Svetlana Godillo, whose forecasting couch is as chic now as a corner table at Sans Souci. Last summer the European-born supersooth barely miscalled Nixon’s fate (she said he would be safe if he survived July—he went out Aug. 9), but uncannily foresaw Nelson Rockefeller’s comeback. For her charting of the prospects of these 10 (at least interim) has-beens, read on.

Wilbur D. Mills

Long one of the most influential legislators in America, he got into escapades with stripper Fanne Foxe that put him in the hospital and out of the chairmanship of the House Ways and Means Committee.

His natal chart indicates he always had a streak of rebel in him. One side is Goldwater Republican, the other side would have been delighted being a hippy. The transits have activated the hippy side. A really intelligent man. Definitely in love with his Argentine Firecracker. People think he has gone crazy. Any time you are in love, you are slightly crazy. This is a Neptunian way of pulling the wool over your eyes. He carried the burden of conservatism, so it was good he just ran away and became a flower child. The rebellious aspect passes by the end of 1975.

Joan Kennedy

Depressed by her son’s illness and arrested for drunken driving, the wife of the sometime Democratic contender has spent the year in and out of private hospitals.

Fragile. Needs someone to build up her ego, to help her believe she is a talented and worthwhile person. There is a lovely streak here of exuberance and vitality—if she can just move herself out from that masochistic axis. She has a chart that picks up guilt like a sponge. This is one Kennedy who can be helped, if she just takes herself up by the bootstraps. She is of absolutely no importance to Ted. Next year is very important, because Mercury is making a station—if she can build up her ego, she can really make great strides. First she must surround herself with people who really like her.

John Connally

Once Nixon’s choice to replace Agnew and a GOP presidential hopeful himself, he was arraigned on five milk-fund scandal charges the day the President resigned and is now awaiting trial.

This man will never be President or Vice-President. He has a blah chart. Not much strength here, not much guts. There is lots of stubborness, but that’s different. He has a preoccupation about money—his own money, someone else’s money. 1975 is a dull year, maybe cleaning up some leftovers, wondering what kind of work he is going to do. I can dismiss him.

Elizabeth Taylor

With her fifth divorce and no new films to salvage a sagging career, she ended the year with a nagging spinal ailment and a used-car dealer boyfriend who pleaded nolo contendere to charges of rolling back odometers.

It is a sad, fatalistic chart, with great emotional hunger. I really don’t know how any man could love anybody as much as she needs it 24 hours around-the-clock. I do not have Richard Burton’s chart. Being Welsh, he could supply the emotion, but he probably got worn out. She must decide whether it is better to have a completely full meal for one or two years, then have the heartbreak of parting, or to settle for less emotional food every day and have that relationship last. The chart settles itself by 1977, when there is strong possibility of marriage.

George Foreman

He lost his first fight and his heavyweight boxing crown to Muhammad Ali, and was then hit with a bizarre one-two combination—a divorce suit from a woman who claims they were secretly wed, and a simultaneous paternity suit in case the marriage is ruled invalid.

If he could repeat the fight in the spring, he might win. Around fall he should try not to fight and be especially careful, because there might be an injury or his health could be affected. It’s almost as if all the forces of the man are gearing him into a completely new career. He might have one or two more fights but a change in occupation is indicated for 1976. Something he could be working on that no one knows about will come to fruition. It is extremely well aspected on his chart.

Steven Weed

Himself an early suspect in the SLA kidnapping of Patricia Hearst—though he was blackjacked in the incident—Weed is now writing a memoir of his ex-fiancée and their tragic year.

This chart gives me the creeps. A very unself-starting person—a weak person—for his own safety he should change himself. There is danger on this chart. In 1975 he should be very careful of any messages, because he might be kidnapped if Patricia decides she wants him. He should not be lured where he could be used as a bait—he might be hit on the head, he may be taken for a ride. The chart is so confused I would not be surprised that she’s going to send for him to get married happily in the Symbionese Army. I don’t want to look at it any longer.

John Dean

His key charges against Nixon proved correct, but that did not prevent him from being imprisoned on a 1-to-4-year sentence for obstruction of justice—while the ex-Chief was pardoned.

Uranium and Saturnium action in the spring of 1975 mark the end of a cycle. Then the chart looks good—a time that is very lucky and very happy. A door opens up and he becomes free. He might be sprung from prison. He needed to achieve maturity, to learn that he cannot take the easy way out. There are indications here for publication, that he himself is going to write a book. I can see it will be quite successful. The chart looks good, it is happy. In two years there is truly a new beginning and, I think, with a new mate.

Marjorie Wallace

Open dalliances with late racer Peter Revson and singer Tom Jones cost the Indianapolis beauty the jinxed Miss World title (the succeeding winner resigned, also because of misbehavior).

A singularly empty chart. The excellence of the body overshadows everything else. The mind seems to think only about two things—money and prestige. No depth, just physical fitness. Wants what she wants when she wants it and to be perfect in body movements—like an automaton, almost. There is a 12th house here which is a secret but, ethically, I cannot bring out the hidden. 1975? Not much. She is meeting very prominent people—perhaps another rich boyfriend, very physical, but on this chart nobody is that close emotionally.

Evel Knievel

From his fizzling rocket flight into the Snake River Canyon, he emerged with little more than his health—that pre-jump check for $6,000,000 was writ on rubber, and there was no financial killing afterwards, either.

A man who wants prominence, at any cost, and money, money, money, money. He may be trying to prove something to his father. A very violent chart—the reason he is still alive is a good example of the Jupiter protection. But Jupiter doesn’t protect permanently. He is on the end of a cycle, he is going into some different occupation. I do not think he will ever jump again. He is unbelievably stupid—frankly, I don’t know whether he can carry six sentences in his head at one time. I would advise him to get himself a very good manager.

Gary Davidson

The World Football League founder was jettisoned by the WFL as it stumbled through a possibly terminal ($20 million in the red) first season. His World Team Tennis is floundering too.

A lovely, dynamic, flamboyant chart. But any astrologer would have told him not to invest in the kind of project he had last year—we do not start big journeys when our car is running out of gas. 1975 is a very exciting year, as he unscrambles himself from the mess he got into, but he should watch his diet and his health. People like him never stay under, though he shouldn’t start any new project next year, either. When he does start something, I would advise him to consult an astrologer. He is dynamic and strong and likes women quite well. I would love to meet him.

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