By People Staff
Updated September 14, 1998 12:00 PM

She’s America’s newest sweetheart, captivating fans with her relaxed beauty, earthy humor and absence of attitude. Her sense of style is similarly uncontrived—and it left our judges as smitten as the guys who fall for Diaz in There’s Something About Mary. “She’s very fresh looking. I think she’s adorable,” says designer Marc Bouwer, while Old Navy’s Carrie Donovan praises her “great deal of style. I think she does it naturally.” Certainly the leggy (5’9″) 26-year-old former model ignores the notion of no pain, no gain. “She likes to be comfortable,” says the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant. “She doesn’t want to be all fitted in some little skimpy dress.” But ease doesn’t interfere with impact. “She looks incredible in everything,” says Felicity costumer Linda Serijan-Fasmer. Designer Amsale senses a sole mate. “I want to go shopping with her for shoes,” she says. “This young lady has a ton o’ style,” sums up Fashion Emergency‘s Emme. “Not too many people can go in so many directions.”