October 22, 2014 12:00 PM


IF 5SOS FANS KNOW ANYTHING, IT’S THAT Calum Hood is the Shy One. During band interviews, “I try to let these guys talk,” he has admitted. What fans may not know? The other guys try to protect him by fielding any questions directed at him. “Calum is a massively shy guy, but he’s come out of his shell a bit,” Michael tells PEOPLE before encouraging his buddy, “Remember how shy you used to be? Look how far you’ve come.” As a boy Calum was so introverted, his parents were shocked when he joined the band. “It was weird for them because they didn’t know I really liked music,” he says. “I was always the sporty one.” His mother, Joy, who worked in the retirement-fund industry, said, “We kinda thought, ‘Gosh, I hope he’s good at it.'”

While Calum may seem like 5SOS’s most serious member—he plays chess—he lets loose offstage. “I’ve seen Calum’s butt, like, a thousand times,” Ashton has said of his pal’s penchant for mooning. (Responds Calum: “I’m proud of that.”) He regularly beats the guys at tennis and video-soccer matches. “Calum is a sweet kid,” says Frank Borin, who directed 5SOS’s “She Looks So Perfect” video. “They’re all sweet, but he’s the sweetheart of the group.” Case in point: how he describes his fierce loyalty to his bandmates. “These guys aren’t even like best friends, they’re like brothers to me now,” he has said. “So where the band is, home is.” But the Hood clan is never far from his thoughts. “It hurts to leave family,” says Calum, who can spot Mum at any 5SOS show. “I always see her fingers popping out,” he told 60 Minutes Australia, imitating her quirky dance moves, which involve hoisting her hands above her head. As for his father, he’s also a man of few words. In a family YouTube video wishing Calum a happy 18th birthday last January, David Hood (a former Coca-Cola employee) was adorably tongue-tied. “Take two! Take three! Take four!” said Calum’s sister, Mali-Koa, 23, laughing each time Hood shrugged and failed to say anything. Fittingly, when Dad finally spoke his mind, it was from the heart. “Happy Birthday, Calum! We’re all missing you and wishing we could celebrate your birthday with you,” he said. “But you’re living the dream, son.”


1 He’s a big soccer fan.

“Go on Liverpool!” he tweeted.

2 Zoë Saldana was his first crush.

“I was 9,” he says. “Mission Impossible was a great movie.”

3 His heroes make him tongue-tied.

“Just met Dave Grohl,” he said of the Nirvana and Foo Fighters rocker. “Wow, what a moment. I couldn’t talk.”

4 He’s a trendsetter.

“Bringing back the tucked-in shirt,” he says. “It’ll catch on.”

5 He can be a little spacey.

“I always put things I just bought down and forget to pick them back up,” he admits.

6 His name almost wasn’t Calum.

“My nanna wanted to call me Robin,” he says.


• He’s spontaneous.

“You can ring Calum at any time of the day and be like, ‘Hey, do you want to do this, this or this?’ And he’s always up for it,” says Ashton.

• He’s also chill.

Says Luke: “He’s always relaxed in, like, the most stressful situations.”

• He has a soft spot for cute, cuddly things.

“I just love dogs,” says Calum, who has a black pooch named Kuma.

• He smells like coconut.

The bassist tweeted a photo of his favorite shower must-have: Palmolive’s Coconut Scrub Body Butter.

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