By People Staff
December 25, 1995 12:00 PM


Comic Creator (CD-ROM for Mac and PC, Hearst New Media, $29.95)

Whip up new superhero tales, choosing from the characters and settings available or scanning in your own photos and images so the bad guy can have the face of your boss.

  • The Internet Movie Database (http://www.
  • All of the movie info here—plot summaries, cast and crew listings, and trivia—is maintained by users. No popcorn, though.

Burn:Cycle (CD-ROM for Mac and PC. Trip Media/Philips Media, $49.98)

This futuristic game—a 21st-century thief must cure himself of a deadly virus—combines crackling action with a sophisticated, cinematic story.


  • Mirsky’s Worst of the Web (
  • A comprehensive list of stinker sites, which are fast becoming as common on the World Wide Web as lint in sock drawers. Lowlights include a cat in a toilet bowl and a screen that flashes, “Maggots Maggots Maggots.” Why why why?
  • Cyber-Sleaze (
  • Former MTV veejay Adam Curry’s daily gossip column about the big names of rock serves up cold dish. Example: For a Christmas gig, Sting is hiring the same choristers that sang at his birthday party.
  • Yucky ( yucky)
  • Maintained by New Jersey’s Liberty Science Center, this site crawls with 5,000 different kinds of cockroaches, plus the actual sound of one of these critters hissing. Better on your desktop, we suspect, than in your kitchen.