October 26, 2005 12:00 PM

Is Mike Zach’s father?

“I would prefer that Zach weren’t my kid only because of the possibilities it leaves open for Mike being single and a little less tied down,” says James Denton. “But I honestly don’t know what’s happening this year.”

Who killed Rex? Is he really dead? Will we see him in flashbacks?

Sure, George was tampering with Rex’s heart medication, but was Bree in cahoots? Rex seems to have thought so just before he expired. He is indeed gone, but don’t discount the flashback factor. After all, says producer Kevin Murphy, “we have the hardest-working dead people in show business.”

What’s in store for Andrew?

Still mad at Mom for sending him to an obedience camp—even though she covered for his having hit Carlos’s mother with his car, putting Mama Solis into a coma—Bree’s troubled, remorseless son Andrew will “mess with his mom terribly this year,” says creator Marc Cherry. He’ll also clash with George as George and Bree grow closer.

Who is the father of Gabrielle’s baby?

Will the new arrival look like jailed husband Carlos or hunky gardener John? Or will there be a baby at all? Everyone’s keeping mum.

Will George be back? What will happen with him and Bree?

Roger Bart, who plays pharmacist George, has been upgraded to series regular from guest star, says creator Marc Cherry, so look for him in “virtually every episode” this season as his and Bree’s relationship develops.

Is Kelly Monaco joining the show?

Anything to the rumor that the General Hospital actress and winner of Dancing with the Stars would be joining the cast? Says show spokeswoman Janet Daily: “Definitely, 100 percent untrue.” One mystery solved.

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