December 28, 1987 12:00 PM

This was the year that a superexotic nicknamed Gitte, a hard-edged Danish pastry who has legs up to here and is often naked down to there, became the Woman Women Love to Hate. Until July she was known primarily as the 6′ model who left her child and first husband and, using nude photos as her calling card, met and married Sly Stallone about as fast as a Polaroid develops. That was bad enough. An obvious gold digger! Since Sly filed for divorce in July, Nielsen has become more widely known as the Soon-to-be-Ex-Wife of the Year who grabbed it all—and flaunted it! After getting Sly to wangle her a starring role in Beverly Hills Cop II, she walked off with a reported $6 million of the chump champ’s change. That was worse. An obviously successful gold digger!

Along the way she caused enough loose-lipped talk to sink the Sixth Fleet, being linked with her female secretary, Kelly Sahnger, and her Cop director, Tony Scott. Nielsen, 24, denies both accusations—and all others for that matter. “I am absolutely not a lesbian,” says Brigitte, who blames mother-in-law Jackie Stallone for fueling the rumor. “I understand she’s a sick woman.” No, her two-year marriage didn’t end with a fight over finances or infidelity. “It’s not like we woke up one morning and there was this humongous explosion,” she says. “Slowly we just realized it wasn’t going to work.” And no, she isn’t seriously involved with anyone. “I wish I was. But I honestly don’t have the time.”

Now living in Rome, she hosts a TV variety show called Festival. She is also attempting to build a singing career and write poetry. While the fate of these artistic endeavors remains in doubt, she ends 1987 with one impressive record: In what was arguably the year of the bimbo, none of them inspired more gossip than Gitte.

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