By People Staff
November 08, 2006 12:00 PM


Brad Paisley’s real world? Part grits, part glitz. To accommodate the schedule of his actress wife, According to Jim’s Kimberly Williams, during filming season, Paisley, 34, leaves the couple’s bucolic 87-acre spread in Franklin, Tenn., for their new 3,400-sq.-ft. house in L.A.’s Pacific Palisades (where Tom Hanks is a neighbor). The adjustment isn’t always easy. “Kim’s just as at home out there—more so than I am,” he admits. “For me, home is always Franklin.” Here, the expectant father ponders the similarities and differences of his two worlds.


“In L.A., everywhere you go it’s organic or low-fat or made with no something or other, and there’s always something on the menu ‘for those of you who don’t eat gluten.’ In Nashville, they almost put on the sign, ‘Contains fat!’ with a thumbs-up. Kim’s into healthy stuff and has made me be that way too.”


“It’s very similar in both places. Out there we became best of friends with Tracie and Scott Hamilton [the Olympic skater]. Now they’ve moved to Franklin. It’s usually a movie and a restaurant. In L.A. you can see any independent film you want. We saw Napoleon Dynamite before it caught on. Here, Pirates of the Caribbean would be a big movie. But we’re hogs, basically. We find us a trough and that’s our entertainment. Our lives really do revolve around restaurants.”


Jaded Los Angelenos “might recognize us and not say anything. In Tennessee, they’re going to make conversation,” he says, noting that those chats often end in big bear hugs. “In L.A. there are restraining orders for that kind of thing!”


Holler, their Cavalier King Charles spaniel, is “completely confused” but happy, says Paisley. “On the farm we have two ponds, and he swims like crazy. Out there, a lady named Annie takes seven dogs on hikes in the hills. When she shows up, he knows he’s going to play with six other dogs and he literally squeals.”