By People Staff
August 01, 1999 12:00 PM

John F. Kennedy Jr. took his good looks as he did his fame: with dignity and boyish enthusiasm. Did he know he was being watched as he walked through Hyannisport skimpily draped in a towel—or danced on a Manhattan rooftop in his boxers? Of course. Admirers were everywhere—and they noted the missteps too: the bad hair days, the grungy clothes. None of it mattered. “When girls started to watch our games,” says football pal David Check, “they were watching one guy. I can’t blame them. He had a body like Adonis.” And a comparable grace. “Listen, people can say a lot worse things about you,” PEOPLE’S 1988 Sexiest Man Alive told Barbara Walters, “than you are attractive, and you look good in a bathing suit.”