June 25, 2012 12:00 PM

Niki Taylor (and Rex!)

Weight gained: While pregnant with her fourth child, son Rex, 7 months, cravings hit Taylor, 37, hard. “In the last two months, I was craving peanut M&M’s, McDonald’s french fries and Taco Bell. I was going to the drive-through sometimes twice a day,” says the 5’11” model, who ultimately gained 55 lbs. “It was scary.”

Taking it off: After four kids, “gravity really starts to set in,” says Taylor. “Bouncing back is totally different.” To lose 50 lbs., she ate mostly vegetables, chicken and fish cooked in coconut oil, “but I’m not a calorie counter,” she says. “You can’t be perfect all the time!”

What she’s learned: “I had [twins] Jake and Hunter, 17, when I was 19, at the height of my career,” says Taylor. “I had to drop the weight in two months. Getting into your skinny jeans should be the last thing you think about when you have this beautiful miracle to focus on.”

After 4 Kids!


Laila Ali (and Sydney!)

Weight gained: Since the arrival of her second child, daughter Sydney, 14 months, Ali has lost 30 of the 40 lbs. she gained during pregnancy. The former boxer, 5’11”, now weighs in at 185. “I weigh more than I look,” she says.

Taking it off: Ali, 34, approached workouts with the zeal of a pro athlete, circuit training, spinning and running. She eats dessert-but only on weekends. “I don’t just wake up and look like this,” she says. “I have to work on it.”

What she’s learned: During her first pregnancy, she resisted eating for two. “The second time, I knew I could get the weight off, so I relaxed a little bit.”

After 2 Kids!

Alyssa Milano (and Milo!)

Weight gained: After gaining 60 lbs. with son Milo, 9 months, Milano, 5’2″, is down to 120 lbs.-just 5 lbs. heavier than before she got pregnant. “I never stressed about baby weight,” says the first-time mom. “It was cool to watch my body change.”

Taking it off: For the actress, 39, workouts are a chance to bond: “Milo loves mommy and me yoga,” says Milano, who also began taking her son on two walks a day “as soon as I could leave the house.”

What she’s learned: “I still have a muffin top!” she says. “My body wasn’t made to look good in a string bikini. It was made to feed and nurture a child.”

After 1 Kid!

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