Think celebs have an easier time dropping baby weight? Not always, say Tori and Gwyneth

By Maureen Harrington
September 17, 2007 12:00 PM


Lost 40 lbs.!*

*(in 6 months)

After giving birth to son Liam in March, Tori Spelling, 34, thought she’d bounce back into her naturally thin shape. Instead, she struggled.

What did gaining 40 lbs. in pregnancy feel like?

I didn’t have a problem with it. I ate whatever I felt like, and the weight crept up. And I did not work out at all.

Did you think losing it would be easy?

I immediately lost 10 lbs. Then the scale didn’t move. Nothing. I was like, “Why isn’t it coming off?”

Why wasn’t it?

I had a C-section, which kept me from exercising for nine weeks. One of the biggest misconceptions is that celebrities have C-sections because it’s easier. If I had a choice, I would not have. The recovery is much worse.

Were you dieting?

The last thing on my mind was to diet. I ate more in the six weeks after the birth than when I was pregnant; I was just so happy! We were home all day long, and people would bring food over to us. It was great.

You had to shoot the second season of Tori & Dean: Inn Love starting in May. Were you worried about getting in shape for the cameras?

I was okay with it, surprisingly. But it was in the back of my mind. Liam was 2 months, and I felt like I should start losing weight. I had a friend who did NutriSystem [a diet meal plan which Spelling now endorses]. I thought, “Let me try it.” When I started to see results, it was huge for me, because I never had to lose weight before. I never once dieted. I mean, I didn’t go through my life eating McDonald’s every day, but I never needed a strict diet.

What about exercise?

Honestly, I’m not doing much. That’s been the hardest part, the workout. I try to do two days a week. I do treadmill, and with the trainer, Sam Levine, we do fun stuff like kickboxing. And a lot of ab work to help my belly.

Lots of people hate to diet and work out. What kept you motivated?

Once the weight came flying off, I was excited to get on the scale every day. It was like a competition. I’m very competitive.

Are you at your goal now?

Yes. I lost 30 lbs. I’m not the thinnest I’ve ever been, but I’m at the weight I was when I got pregnant, which is the weight I’d like to stay at.



Envy Gwyneth Paltrow‘s post-babies snapback? The actress, and mom to Apple, 3, and Moses, 1, tells PEOPLE, “It’s not luck. In your 30s you can’t just eat whatever you want and not do anything. Even good genetics start to fail you.” To counter that depressing reality, Paltrow, 34, tries to avoid “eating a huge dinner late,” and enlists trainer Tracy Anderson six days a week for dance cardio and mat Pilates. “You’ve just got to put the time in.”

Dayna Devon’s TUMMY TUCK!

2 inches off her waist!

When it came time for her July 27 tummy tuck, Extra cohost Dayna Devon wasn’t taking any chances. Grabbing a surgical marking pen, she scribbled special instructions to the doctor who would be operating on her: “I [heart] U, Brent.” Turns out the plastic surgeon, Brent Moelleken, is also her husband. “Brent becomes very clinical—almost distant—when he’s about to do surgery,” Devon explains. “I wanted to relate to him on a different level—not as a patient but as a wife.”

It was her role as mother that led her to the operating table. After having two children—Emmi, 2, and Cole, 8 months—back-to-back, Devon, 37, lost all her baby weight (she gained 24 lbs. with each pregnancy), “but not the belly flab,” she says. “When I lay down in bed, my loose skin would pool next to me. I have to stand next to Halle and Angelina on the red carpet!” Her solution? A tummy tuck, a procedure that has become so popular post-pregnancy that the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports “The Mommy Makeover” (which may also include breast augmentation and a breast lift) is increasing five times faster than all other cosmetic surgery procedures.

Certainly, in Hollywood, the procedure is a popular one, plastic surgeons say. Although a few celebrities have admitted to going in for a tune-up after having kids—Patricia Heaton and Shar Jackson have said they got back their pre-baby figures with tummy tucks and breast lifts—most prefer to “claim it’s vegetables and walking; that’s just not possible,” says the 5’4″ Devon, who was back to her pre-pregnancy weight of 130 lbs. six months after her son’s birth. “Plenty of these women are having whatever they need done. Why not talk about it?”

Devon’s two-hour surgery was a hybrid version of the tummy tuck, which Moelleken developed about five years ago (cost: $15,000). In a traditional tummy tuck, an incision is made from hip to hip (this typically leaves behind a long scar); the surgeon stitches together the underlying tissue and lining of the muscle to strengthen the abdominal wall, drawing in the waist. In the “Hybrid” procedure, Moelleken, 47, exposed Devon’s abdominal wall via a small incision through her C-section scar. He then tightened the abdominal muscles, used liposuction to zap away belly fat before “pulling everything closed like a corset,” Moelleken says.

During her 10-day recovery, “I was a little bit sore—it was painful, but not as a bad as a C-section,” Devon says. The worst part was “not being able to pick up my children for two weeks,” to avoid loosening her stitches.

And now that the stitches are out? Devon lifts up her shirt to show off her taut stomach. “All I have to do is look at my new waistline,” she says, “and I realize it was worth it!”

For video of Dayna’s surgery, go to PEOPLE.COM/Devon