By People Staff
November 08, 2006 12:00 PM


Billy Currington made his mark with hits like “Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right,” but he has become just as well-known for his shirtless videos—oh, and that four-page spread in the March ’05 issue of Playgirl (he kept his pants on). And no, he doesn’t mind the attention. “I’ll take the sex-symbol thing,” says Currington, who worked as a personal trainer before hitting it big in Nashville with 2003’s “Walk a Little Straighter.” “I’m flattered. It doesn’t frustrate me—it’s a bonus.”

But even a sex symbol can have a tough time finding love. “It’s hard when you’re on the road,” says Currington, 32, who is on tour through the end of the year. “You meet women, but it’s hello and goodbye and on to the next town.” And though he can envision the perfect date (“I would invite her over, cook her dinner and then go hear a great band”), the Rincon, Ga., native is still single—and looking. “I want somebody that can put up with me being on the road, who loves her own family and wants to have one someday,” says Currington. “No smelly perfume. Just someone laid-back who can have the best time doing nothing. And I’m a big fan of southern belles.” But there is a deal breaker. “If she says she wants to be a singer, I’m out of there,” says Currington. “I’m not looking for anyone in the entertainment industry. If that’s what they did, that’s all we’d talk about.” His ideal? “Give me a school-teacher—I’ve always thought a pretty schoolteacher is the sexiest woman alive.”