August 02, 2004 12:00 PM

Holly Marie Combs was all set to go out for a friend’s birthday recently, but her son Finley had other plans. “He started crying and wouldn’t go back to sleep,” says the Charmedstar. “I had to sit with him for 45 minutes. So suddenly your timetable has seriously shifted.” So have a lot of things for the sleep-deprived Combs, 30, and husband David Donoho, 38, a former Charmed key grip, ever since Finley arrived three months ago. At the family’s San Fernando Valley ranch-style home, Finley has been lavished with attention and gifts—especially from Combs’s fellow TV witches Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan. “He’s gorgeous [but] he’s a little spoiled,” says Milano. No wonder: “The kid could have been outfitted alone from the stuff that Alyssa has brought him,” jokes Combs. “Rose got him a playpen bassinet.” With Charmed back in production, Finley will often accompany Mom to the set. “He’s got his own trailer, driver and nanny,” says Combs. “He’s got more perks than I do.” At least, she adds, “he’s pretty adaptable and he’ll sleep anywhere.” Except when he’s having a bawl.

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