By People Staff
December 22, 1986 12:00 PM

Alex: The Life of a Child

Unnatural Causes

Alex, about the death of a child, and Causes, about Vietnam vets dying from Agent Orange, weren’t like all the other disease-of-the-week movies. These shows earned the tears they drew with honest emotion and not a second’s exploitation.

All Is Forgiven

A wonderful Bess Armstrong-Carol Kane sitcom about soaps. So it’s canceled. So NBC isn’t perfect.

Edge of Darkness

This hidden British gem about nuclear waste and bad guys, syndicated sporadically, was the year’s most thrilling show. Masterpiece Theatre should have imported this rouser instead of that snoozer Lord Mountbatten.

Home Shopping Network

We may be sick of cubic zirconias, but HSN latched onto an idea whose time had come (and soon, we hope, will go): mixing two American passions—shopping and TV.

It’s Garry Shandling’s Show

Shandling’s hilarious tribute to Burns and Allen and Benny is the freshest and best show of the new season. The encouraging news is that this bit of innovation comes from cable.

L.A. Law

Lawyer-bashing as a new and fun sport.

Perfect Strangers

Two cousins prove what Lucy’s show couldn’t, that slapstick is still funny.

Peter the Great

For once, a spectacle that lived up to the name, with great performances from Jan Niklas and Hanna Schygulla.

Second Serve

In the story of Renee Richards née Richard Raskind, Vanessa Redgrave played both sides of the net with a lot of humanity (if not quite so much credibility).

Spitting Image

The President, Johnny Carson, Henry Kissinger, Dustin Hoffman and the rest of the world’s most powerful get pilloried as puppets. Mean English genius.