September 25, 2006 12:00 PM

Best Monochromatic

George Clooney makes a classic dark suit look contemporary.


Justin Timberlake works the new slimmer cuts.

Best Take on the Tux

Ludacris turns heads in soft velvet.

Best Jacket and Jeans

David Beckham scores points for his casual but polished style.

Best Layered Look

On Orlando Bloom, bundled-up looks cool.

Best Accessories

Colin Farrell finishes off his outfit with a flannel cap and leather cuff.

Best Insouciant Style

Looking casually thrown together is an art, and Jake Gyllenhaal the master.

Best Use of Color

Jamie Foxx lives up to his name in a slick suit with just a hint of bright red.

Best Tailoring

Daniel Craig, the new 007, knows the power of a perfectly cut suit.

Best Deconstructed Suit

Diddy’s vest and pants are casual but pulled-together.

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