September 30, 2013 12:00 PM


“Olivia’s ring lends an extra dose of polish to her look. Both this and her bracelet elevate an already killer outfit to the next level.” In her own ring.


“She finds a way to work this into almost every outfit she wears. The design is classic, but the size gives it a modern feel.” In a vintage bracelet.


“Not only is her belt animal-print against an orange outfit, but where she looped it is unexpected.” In Club Monaco.


“I would never think to put a pop of powder blue and black with this outfit! And she wore cropped pants to show off her shoes.” In Tibi.


“Most people wouldn’t wear tortoise glasses with a leopard belt, but she knows it works. She also picked a shape that looks really cool.” In Wunderkind.


“It picks up the colors in the belt and sunglasses without being matchy-matchy.” In her own watch.


“It’s a classic bag by a classic designer, and she carries it a lot. That’s what girls should do: Invest in a designer bag and wear it all the time.” In Louis Vuitton.

DANA WEISS is the founder of, which chronicles her love of celeb fashion and her hunt to replicate star looks.

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