October 14, 2009 12:00 PM

Who’s most likely to be early on-set? “Nathan,” says Miranda (before a scene with her costar). And the latest? “Maybe Jerry, because he gets stuck in line at Starbucks.”


“Filming an episode is really fast-paced—we’re always running, changing and putting on crazy costumes,” says a muddy Miranda (with costars Jennette McCurdy and Nathan).

Jerry (right, filming the “iLookALike” episode with a stunt double) has favorite downtime snacks: “I like fried foods, and we have plenty of them.”

When Nathan gets a break, he heads to the show’s greenroom. “That’s where the food is, that’s where the Xbox is, and that’s where the crew members are. It’s a mini party.”

“Jerry is always trying to make us laugh,” says Nathan. “It’s like his goal to make us break and lose character during a scene.”

American Idol runner-up David Archuleta, who made his acting debut on iCarly, goes over a script with Miranda.

“Jennette is always making jokes,” says Miranda. “And people always try to play pranks on her.”

the iCarly penny tees

The cast makes a comedic statement with these word-play shirts

Creator Dan Schneider launched the funny tee line (they come with a penny attached to one sleeve) because, he says, “I’m a big fan of random comedy.”

After Dan and the writers think of phrases, costume designer Kris Dangl goes to work. The tees aren’t available in stores yet, but “maybe soon!” says Dan.


Cruising with iCarly
Sam and Freddie leave rainy Seattle for a trip around the Mexican Riviera

This summer Jennette and Nathan traveled around the Pacific Ocean with their fans. The two-week excursion included special screenings, autograph sessions, interactive game shows—and, of course, green slime!


The duo drop by Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta, where they squeeze in meet-and-greet time with fans.

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