November 29, 1993 12:00 PM

THE GUYS IN THE ROOTS! ROCK BAND Blind Melon would like to think it’s their music behind the success of their hit single “No Rain.” No way. It’s the tune’s video—specifically its star, a tap-dancing little girl in horn-rims and a sequined bee suit—that created most of the buzz. “I’m extremely talented,” explains 10-year-old Heather DeLoach with a grin. “I guess when the director first set eyes on me, he liked me. I try my best to be an actress, and I’m just great. I’m the one and only Bee Girl.”

Heather’s video character—inspired by a childhood photograph of Melon drummer Glen Graham’s sister, Georgia, which was used on the cover of the band’s album—is a gleefully awkward, apiarian dancer who, upon being rejected onstage, finds happiness in an elysian field of equally bumbly pals. Heather (a ringer for the 7-year-old Georgia) and her determined nonconformity became a favorite of teen video-watchers, so much so that she was signed as the closing act at September’s MTV Music Video Awards. “I got to meet Pauly Shore and Janet Jackson,” Heather says. “And I got Madonna‘s autograph, but I wasn’t allowed to take pictures. You know how that is.” Indeed.

Off-camera, Heather is a self-described “sort of like straight-A” fifth grader in Lake Forest, Calif., where she lives with her father, Gary, a housing-loan officer, her mother, Susan, a housewife, and her 15-year-old sister, Nicole. She made her first TV commercial at 5 and has appeared in ads for Southwestern Bell and Disneyland, among others. Though Nicole had taught Heather a few generic dance moves, at the Bee Girl auditions “I didn’t even know-how to tap-dance,” says Heather. “I just made it up.”

Since then, Heather has spread her wings with an ad for Pizza Hut. Come February she’ll appear in James Brooks’s movie musical I’ll Do Anything, during which she got a “very groovy” hug from Nick Nolte.

Has fame changed her? “I feel like a celebrity,” says Heather. “But I have to say, I see myself so much on TV that when the Bee Girl comes on, I just click right through the channel.”

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