May 09, 2005 12:00 PM

Mischa Barton

AGE: 19


My biggest beauty fear is

being overly made up. My character wears so much foundation and powder that these days I don’t like to wear makeup at all.

When I wake up in the morning

I look like I just died.

I can’t imagine anything worse than

a needle coming at my lips. I just couldn’t imagine having that frozen look on my face.

My biggest flaw is

probably my butt. It’s just not toned at all.

On the red carpet, I worry about

having something in my teeth. I have whoever’s with me check for me.

I’ll do anything…

“to get out of a workout. Every day I pray my trainer won’t show up, and every day he shows up”

Eva Longoria
Age: 30

ACTRESS, Desperate Housewives

My mother taught me

not to depend on beauty. She focused on our education and how to treat people. My three sisters and I weren’t allowed to wear makeup, we weren’t allowed to date. It was very strict. We were all tomboys, we played sports. Everything I’ve learned about beauty has been trial and error.

The best Desperate Housewives makeup artists’ tips are

under-eye concealer is a must. Also, single fake lashes on the corner of the eyes really make them pop. If you see someone with beautiful doe eyes, they probably have false lashes.

The most I’ve ever suffered for beauty was

when I had my underarms waxed last year. I thought I was going to pass out.

Mariska Hargitay

AGE: 41

ACTRESS, Law & Order: SVU

I’m not wild about

my nose. It tips down and does weird things in photographs. It scares me sometimes. But I like my mouth. And I love my shoulders.

When I was younger

I constantly heard, “You’re [’50s blonde bombshell] Jayne Mansfield’s daughter.” I felt I was being looked at through a microscope and I was like, “You’re not going to find her here!” But as I’ve grown into my own skin and my own career, it’s a nonissue. I mean, I’m playing this cop.

My husband loves

that I’m so low-maintenance. I get ready in three minutes. I don’t put makeup on, don’t brush my hair. I put on a jacket and go. He thinks that’s cool.

I work out

only in the summer. When I’m working, I’m too tired. I just can’t do it. So 10 months of the year I take off, and then for two months I hit it hard.

I wish I could

sleep. I get so wound up being on the show. Even after coming home and trying to wind down, I e-mail for two hours at the end of the night.

Tim Green


AUTHOR, Exact Revenge;

HOST, A Current Affair;


I look my best

after a workout, when I’m sweaty and my hair’s messy. That’s what my wife, Illyssa, tells me. I’d like to think I look my best when I’m going out to dinner, but I guess not!

My wife has taught me about

moisturizer. I’m constantly putting it on my hands and face. I never did before. It’s beside the nightstand, in the bathroom—it’s everywhere.

My hair

is long and it’s a little bit wild. There’s a constant back-and-forth at the show about what to do with it. I’ve had four haircuts in the last two weeks. I tell the hair people: “Just so no one gets any ideas, I will not blow-dry my hair!”

It’s fun to…

“change your appearance drastically for a role. I look forward to the opportunity to do that”

Jesse Metcalfe

AGE: 26

ACTOR, Desperate Housewives

People say

that I have nice eyes. Some people say I have nice eyebrows, and I’m like, “Um, thanks.” I wax The middle part. I don’t think anyone thinks a unibrows is sexy.

It seems as though

I’ve always got my shirt off [on D.H.]. What can I say? It’s all in good fun.

I can eat

just about whatever I want, but I do like to eat healthy.

I spend way too much money on

food. I’m not a very good cook. I eat out just about every meal of the day.

Sandra Oh
AGE: 33

ACTRESS, Sideways, Grey’s Anatomy

My best feature is

my hair. I love my hair. When I was young it had weird kinks and cowlicks in it, but I just grew into it. You grow into a lot of things.

My hair looks best

air-dried rather than blow-dried. But I don’t wash it every day. Only about every four days. It looks better when it’s dirty.

I’m a slave to

my facial steamer. I steam every night. I just put it on my vanity and read a magazine and steam for as long as I can stay awake.

I wish I

flossed more. I try to put it into my regimen, but I’m not a very good flosser.

In the shower I

use a long towel strip that I bought in Koreatown. It’s never a soft thing. I basically wash my body with an S.O.S. pad, to take off the dead skin.

My everyday look is

flip-flops and my new leg warmers and a really comfortable skirt. I got the leg warmers at a vintage store in Toronto. I try to rock it.

Josh Holloway

AGE: 35


My beard grows

fast and hard. I’ve gotten used to it on Lost, and now I feel naked without it. But I like being clean-shaven because I get to kiss my wife, Yessica, more. She doesn’t push me away.

My skin-care routine

is to squirt my wife’s fancy shampoo all over my body. It smells good. I lather up with that, then I use her Shiseido moisturizing cream. I use way too much of it.

I’m a natural

blond. It’s been strange all my life, because my eyebrows are almost black and my beard is black as it can be. But I don’t color my hair. I did once back in my modeling days, and it was the biggest nightmare I’ve ever had.

The best treat

is a massage. I always said if I made any money I’d get a massage at least twice a week. I’m not there yet. Now I go every couple of weeks.

Sienna Miller
AGE: 23


I don’t own…

“a hairbrush”

First thing in the morning

I look sleepy.

When I want to look good without makeup

I go on a holiday.

My suntan recipe is


The most I’ve ever suffered for beauty was

Brazilian waxing.

My wedding-day makeup and hair will be


The Next Big Things are

the Elemis Spa in London and my designer sister. Savannah Miller.

When people name bags after me

I get excited because they have to give me one!

Three things I do to get ready for a party are

have a glass of white wine, then another, then another.

When people copy my style, I feel

flattered, but it kind of puts me off the clothes.

Eva Mendes
AGE: 31


I have the hugest

overbite. It’s so big, my older brothers and sisters used to call me Bugs. I looked like a bottle opener. But I’ve never fixed my bite because it’s one of the things that makes me me.

I used to get teased about

the mole on my left cheek. In junior high the other kids would say, “You’ve got some chocolate on your face,” and I fell for it every time. I said, “The minute I turn 18 I’m going to get that mole removed!” But I’m happy I didn’t.

My best feature is

my big hips. I’ve got some nice childbearing hips, and I feel very proud of them. When I was younger I thought they were too big. I wanted to be slimmer. But now I totally embrace them.

My worst body part is

my hands. I have 14-year-old-boy hands. No calluses, but they’re very boyish.


AGE: 32

SINGER The Colombian-born, Miami-based rocker has won nine Latin Grammys

Sometimes I want to

cut my hair because it’s too much, but I feel better with long hair than short hair. It goes more with my personality.

I used to be


The last time I went to the gym

was a month ago. When I do my shows, that’s my exercise, onstage.

I like a woman who

looks real. Not too much makeup.

I feel happiest when

people say they like my music more than my appearance. I am not at all about putting energy into my looks.

To me, the most beautiful person is

my daughter Luna. She has big green eyes, and her mouth is red and

like a little flower.

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