By People Staff
May 09, 2005 12:00 PM

TODD BEASLEY, 32, doctor, Tulsa

Nominated by: Joli Beasley, wife

“Todd and I fell in love at age 15. I was born without an arm, but he says he never noticed. He is handsome, but most importantly, a fabulous father and man of integrity.”

LAUREN JELENCOVICH, 20, opera student, Wellington, Fla.

Nominated by: Kellie Jelencovich, sister

“She uses her voice to inspire children at the Children’s Storefront School in N.Y.C., where she studies at the Manhattan School of Music.”

ELIZABETH HILBORN, 21, student, Toronto “I am nominating myself because I was born with a rare heart defect. Being constantly ill makes life tougher, but I never miss its everyday beauty.”

VIJAY AGARWAL, 25, founder of a nonprofit, San Jose, Calif.

Nominated by: Nupur Jetley, best friend

“He wants to leave a worthwhile impression on this world. While applying to medical school, he started a nonprofit focused on underprivileged education.”

HEATHER CAHOW, 26, education graduate student. Atlanta

Nominated by: Terri Cahow-McGowan, sister

“Her personality matches her outward beauty. She is studying to be a teacher for hearing-impaired children.”

KIASI VALENTINE, 34 Data-entry clerk, Marshall, Texas

Nominated by: Karissa Lang, sister

“She is a great mom, a great sister and a dedicated wife. She has always made our family very proud.”

TONY MADALENA, 21, student, Pittsford, N.Y.

Nominated by: Carrie Madalena, sister

“A deaf student at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, he’s majoring in mechanical engineering. He has always been there for his friends and family.”

KAHLE REARDON, 22, student, Lancaster, Ky.

Nominated by: Susan Black, mother

“Her ultimate goal is to help children through ‘theater therapy.’ ”

DORIAN HUNT, 26, accountant, Pembroke, Mass.

Nominated by: Stephanie Carney, girlfriend

“His sexiest quality is his determination to succeed despite the odds. Sick as a child with Crohn’s disease, he could never go to school. After surgery, he’s earned two master’s degrees.”

ERVIN YEO, 21, Yale University sophomore, Singapore Nominated by: U.S. Olympic figure skater Sarah Hughes, friend

“He has a magnetism that transcends gender.”