By People Staff
Updated May 08, 2006 12:00 PM

Juliana Paes

Brazil, actress, 27

Voted Carnival Queen in a Quem Acontece magazine poll.

“A mix of extreme sensuality and sweetness is admired in Brazilian women,” she says. “And beach-tanned skin tone and a large but firm bum is the most important.”

Vicky Zhao Wei

China, actress, 30

Named most beautiful Chinese woman in a poll on (the Yahoo! of China).

“I think the Orient considers girls who look modest and quiet to be beautiful,” she says. “The West seems to prefer girls who look open-minded and aggressive.”

Aishwarya Rai

India, actress, 31

Former Miss World; named most beautiful in the world by thousands of Web users.

The feature Indian men drool over: the dazzling green-blue eyes. The Bollywood crossover star is mobbed everywhere. “I can’t just go down the street in Bombay,” she has said.

Emma Too

Kenya, model, 30

Former Face of Africa; recently named Miss Nairobi Centennial.

“As a girl, I was really tall and thin,” she says. “My grandmother, who is a Masai, is 75 years old, about 6 ft. and still superthin. Runs in the family, I guess.”

Haifa Wehbe

Lebanon, singer/actress, 30

Named Sexiest Woman in the Middle East by a lifestyle magazine; has appeared on 150+ magazine covers.

“My image is a sensual, Arabic, exotic look,” she says. “Sultry sometimes. My makeup artist likes to show my eyes more than any other feature.”