April 14, 2008 12:00 PM


The singer-actor wed L.A. real estate agent Barrett in ’03 and welcomed a baby boy, Griffin, in November.


He’s still single! After leaving the group due to panic attacks, Knight started a real estate firm in Boston.


The rapper turned actor also plays dad to sons Xavier, 15, and Elijah, 7, with his wife, Kim Fey.


The divorced dad of four (Anthony, 16, Daniel Jr., 15, Chance, 9, and Vega, 9) is a sales exec at Halcyon Jets.


Knight has been juggling recording and raising sons Dante, 8, and Eric, 1, with his wife of three years, Evelyn.

Guess who’s still hangin’ tough? Fourteen years after they called it quits, New Kids on the Block members Donnie, Joey, Danny, and brothers Jordan and Jonathan are ready to make fans squeal again with a new album out later this spring and a fall tour. The group sat down with PEOPLE’s Michelle Tan to talk about their fans, families and, yes, those fashion faux pas. (Put a shirt on, Jordan!)

So now that you’re back together, does it feel like nothing’s changed?

JONATHAN: Definitely. This morning Donnie was getting dressed and. . . .

DONNIE: You can say it, I ran through the house in my underwear.

JOEY: You had your underwear on?

JONATHAN: It was the same old, same old.

Did you ever think this reunion would happen?

DANNY: Honestly I felt like it would never happen.

DONNIE: I always thought it would, strangely. I might have been the last convert to come around to it, but I’m having a ball. The way the guys have grown has only cemented that I made the right choice.

What do your families think?

JOEY: My wife can’t wait to tour!

JORDAN: I showed my son [Dante] the teaser and he was blown away. He goes, “Daddy you guys gotta get back together!” It just killed me.

DANNY: I had to sit down with my kids at the dinner table and have a family meeting. They’re excited. One of the best parts is to be able to share this with them so many years later.

DONNIE: Xavier wanted to be a roadie. But he’s in a death metal band. As he goes deeper into his world of metal and his hair gets longer by the day, he’s told me that [the reunion] is cool but it’s pop so he’s going to stick to his thing. Now they don’t even want to open for us!

What can fans expect?

DONNIE: We want to reward the fans by not just giving them a trip down memory lane but giving them something to look forward to. There will be a tour, videos, an album. . . .

JOEY: Board games. . . .

DONNIE: We’ll have ringtones and all the new crazy stuff.

It used to be New Kids everything!

JORDAN: It’s New Kids walkers now.

JOEY: That’s our new merchandise–Geritol.

Then there was your style. . . .


JOEY: I always wanted gold! I had rings on every finger, lots of makeup and eyeliner and big, big hair.

Jordan, you wore overalls with no shirt. Explain yourself.

JORDAN: I used to wear that back in the hood! I thought I was cool, but I look absolutely crazy.

Can you still do the dance from the “Right Stuff” video?

DONNIE: Some of us never could!

JOEY: We haven’t tried. We’re going to go into a room far, far away, lock the door and we’re not going to come out until we had it as good as it used to be.

DONNIE: We’ve been watching [America’s Best Dance Crew on MTV]. It’s going to be harder than we think but most of us are in pretty good shape.

I must say, you all held up really well.

DONNIE: We’re men now.

Even men can let themselves go.

DONNIE: We were just skinny little kids back then. We’re grown now.

JOEY: We’re Kids II Men!

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