By People Staff
Updated January 23, 2006 12:00 PM

Tia Carrere learned the hard way that having a baby means there’s a surprise around every corner. When she was pregnant with first child Bianca with photojournalist husband Simon Wakelin, “I thought, I’m going to induce, I’m going to have an epidural,” says the Wayne’s World star. “No pain, no problem.” But when hospital scheduling issues bumped her four days past the planned birth date, Carrere, 39, took the opportunity to get her hair done—which is when the labor pains set in. She rushed to the hospital and ended up having the baby sans epidural. “So much for planning this amazing birth!” she says. Bianca, who came in at 21 in. long, seems to be making up for the birthing trauma. “She’s so delicious,” says Carrere. “She just slays me. If she doesn’t like something, she’s like grrr.” To work off the baby weight, Mom is hitting the gym, watching her diet and—oh yeah—strutting her stuff on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. “The waltz works different muscles from the rumba, which works different muscles from the cha-cha, so you’re getting a whole-body thing,” says Carrere. “But the twisting through the midsection is quite taxing.”