Axl Rose

Rock Demigod, 30

FASHION FIRST: Cross-dressing to new lows.

HAIR: Bandana republic.

Down in the mosh pit, out on the street, Axl’s look is the look for the 19ish, as a whole generation dons biker shorts and baseball caps and pierces its nipples to accommodate the rings. (Doesn’t anyone make clip-ons?) Still, there comes a time for everyone to admit that the angry-young-rocker act is old. Maybe now’s the moment for Axl to drop the shorts (well, maybe drop is a poor word) and put on long pants. But then, given Axl’s public persona—nasty, brutish and short-tempered—who’s going to give him fashion advice? Valentino, for one. “I don’t like the way he dresses,” he declares. “I mean, to come onstage in your underwear.” So lose your illusion, Axl. Stop dressing like your own worst imitator.

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