By Ulrica Wihlborg
April 23, 2012 12:00 PM

One thing you can always count on seeing when visiting Megan Mullally’s home: a daily love note written on a Post-it from her husband, Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman. “I usually find it in the kitchen when I get up,” says the former Will & Grace actress, 53, who now plays Veronica Mann on the FOX sitcom Breaking In. It’s the kind of unexpected touch that makes the couple’s three-bedroom, 3,800-sq.-ft. Hollywood Hills home as whimsical as it is beautiful. A design aficionado (during a lull in her acting career, she says, “I almost went to college for interior design”), Mullally, with the help of interior designer Ames Ingram, paired modern furniture and an impressive art collection-including works from Yoshitomo Nara and Yoko Ono-with humorous touches such as a round white pillow she’s named “Smiley Cloud.” Says Mullally, “We like little talismans that are happy and sweetly positive.”

That includes several pieces created by her “master woodworker” husband, 41, who in his spare time runs his own woodshop in L.A. Among Mullally’s most treasured keepsakes are a heart-shaped ring box he made for her when he proposed (she keeps it on her nightstand) and a tea table he built for their wedding ceremony in 2003 (they married in their backyard, shortly after moving in that year). Aside from adding his handmade creations, Offerman lets Mullally make all the home design decisions. “I always run something by him, even if it’s just a fabric,” she says. “But he knows it’s a big source of creative satisfaction for me, so he’s been really cool about it.”

In their downtime, the couple relaxes at home by playing guitar, watching television or reading (Mullally has gathered an enviable collection of first edition books-her favorite is Edward Gorey-in their guest bedroom). “We’re mostly homebodies,” she admits. But with a cozy place like hers, she wouldn’t have it any other way: “Everything in the house has meaning to us,” she says. “Whenever I walk through our home, I feel uplifted. It’s a happy place.”