September 08, 2003 12:00 PM

How’s he getting along with her kids?

Famously! To celebrate Scout’s 12th birthday, Ashton joined Demi, her ex, Bruce Willis, and a dozen of Scout’s pals for a July outing in Las Vegas. On Aug. 2 he soloed with Scout, squiring her to the Teen Choice Awards. Indeed, Scout and Tallulah, 9, who loves to ride in his arms, are so sure of Mom’s hunk that on Aug. 8 they set up shop outside his home—then exploited his name to sell lemonade.

How sizzling is the romance these days, and what’s the long-term prognosis?

They’re not using the M-word—at least not in public. But while work continues on Demi’s new $3.5 million home, she’s spending lots of time at Ashton’s. And on the dance floor at Hollywood’s White Lotus on Aug. 22, says a fellow clubber, “they seemed happier than ever.”

What about Bruce?

Lately Willis has been vacationing on a yacht with his daughters and touring with his band. And, like his ex-wife, he’s got his own 25-year-old love interest: Brooke Burns, star of NBC’s Dog Eat Dog.

Will My Boss’s Daughter be the end of his career?

Nah—though the comedy (with Tara Reid) was so bad it sat on the shelf for two years and tanked at the box office. Kutcher wisely distanced him-self, doing virtually no press for it.

Will success spoil Ashton Kutcher?

“No, not at all,” says ’70s costar Wilmer Valderrama. “He’s worked really hard for all this success.” But at Jet Rag, an L.A. vintage shop, he refused to snap a photo with a fan and grew huffy when a staffer called his diamond necklace “ghetto ice.”

How much money does he make?

You think he’s keeping Demi happy? You should see his accountant. He’ll serve a second season as host and executive producer on MTV’s Punk’d. On FOX’s That ’70s Show, where he’s entering his sixth season, he’ll rake in more than $6 million during the seventh season. On the big screen he got an estimated $1 million for last winter’s Just Married; now, industry sources say, he could get $5-7 million per picture.

What happened to the Rat Pack 2003?

Last June Ashton and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs said that within weeks they’d name the members of their self-styled Pack aboard Diddy’s yacht. But during Diddy’s recent cruise of the Mediterranean, Ashton was home shooting That ’70s Show. Still no word.

What if his fame proves fleeting?

He could always go back to Iowa (here with his twin, Mike, at 14) and resume studying bio-chemical engineering.

Is he just another pretty face?

Just because a guy begins his career as a model doesn’t mean he lacks acting talent. “He’s got it all,” says Daughter director David Zucker. Wisely, Kutcher is using his new clout to seek out prestige projects. In January he starts shooting the romantic comedy Elizabethtown, directed by Cameron Crowe.

Sure, celebs like J.Lo eat at Dolce, but is the food any good?

Good food, spotty service, says one food critic of the midpriced Italian L.A. eatery in which Kutcher is an investor. If you can get a table, try the filet mignon or pumpkin ravioli.

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