July 05, 2004 12:00 PM

AGE 19


LATEST GIG Her own MTV reality show, The Ashlee Simpson Show, documenting the making of her debut rock album, Autobiography

•Boy trouble: Little, punkier sister to Jessica Simpson, 23, the sometime actress (7th Heaven) has been letting cameras follow her since October, even as she broke up with singer boyfriend Josh Henderson, 22. “You move on,” she says stoically. But the best therapy is consulting brother-in-law Nick Lachey, 30. “Every time I have boyfriend trouble, he gives me the right answer: ‘Make the guy jealous.'”

•Quibbling rivalry: How does she cope with the shadow of MTV’s Newlyweds, Jessica’s phenomenally successful reality series? Easy. “People say, ‘Are you Jessica’s sister? And I’m like, ‘Yeah, I am! And she’s my sister.’ ”

•Sister knows best: Unlike golden girl Jessica, Ashlee never stops changing her look. “You have one life to live. Why not have turquoise hair for two months of it?” But Jessica keeps her in tow. When Ashlee wanted to get a star tattoo on her foot, she recalls, Jessica came home from Tiffany & Co. and said, “Here you go, a key chain with a star on it. I’m giving you this so you don’t get that tattoo.” She didn’t.

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