July 30, 1984 12:00 PM

Michael Jackson may be as elusive as a fox, but next month there will be one way to pin him down, or at least up. At $8.95 a pop, Wallaby Books plans to paper America with The Official Michael Jackson 1985 Calendar, which renders Michael’s noted storybook fantasy life in color prints. The singer assumes 12 guises, among them sailor, musketeer, clown, Clyde Barrow, and, above, fey monarch. The last is an appropriate pose, gushes L.A. photographer Matthew Rolston, since “Michael is absolutely like royalty. There’s a princelike air about him.” On the other hand, Rolston notes, the star “really just likes costumes and I don’t think he cares about regular clothes at all. The last time I saw Michael, he was wearing black polyester pants, plain black shoes and a polyester bellhop’s jacket.” If Michael plans to rest after the Victory tour, there’s no hint in the calendar. For all its lavishness, it lists not a single holiday.

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