By People Staff
Updated May 09, 1994 12:00 PM

Looks? What are mere good looks to such a I man as Antonio Sabato Jr.? “Looks last for only a little bit,” says the 22-year-old Italian-born heartthrob dismissively. “I try to get confidence inside. My looks come second.” How can he possibly ignore them? “I just don’t look in the mirror.” he confides. But millions of suds-in-the-afternoon viewers couldn’t tear their eyes away from the 6’1″ Sabato, who has just ended a two-year stint as the muscular, brooding Jagger of General Hospital. And, jokes actress Tully Jensen, 30, Sabato’s ex-wife: “I definitely married him for his dimples. I told him, ‘If you lose those dimples, we’re over.’ ” (He didn’t lose them, but the couple divorced last October.) Now looking for prime-time and movie projects, Sabato is awaiting the arrival in August of a baby with his girlfriend, actress Virginia (Candyman) Madsen, 32. Has impending fatherhood changed Antonio? When he failed to walk off with a statuette at the Soap Opera Digest Awards in February, a fan asked if he were disappointed. Sabato patted Madsen’s stomach and said: “I have more important things to worry about.”