By Rennie Dyball
March 30, 2009 12:00 PM


From Legally Blonde
Played by Moonie

Ever since Reese Witherspoon toted him in her purse, “he’ll just jump in any bag,” says trainer Sue Chipperton. Other loves? Gidget (right), his pal and former roommate, and working: Moonie, 10, of Valencia, Calif., still books TV gigs and just did a Beverly Hills Chihuahua cameo.


From Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Played by Warlock

Warlock is the last living cat to have played Sabrina’s wisecracking pet (costars Elvis and Witch have passed away, and a cat puppet was also employed). Now semi-retired, the 10-year-old domestic shorthair filmed a role in the upcoming thriller Drag Me to Hell. He bunks in Palmdale, Calif., with his trainer Cathy Pittman, who says, “He sleeps on my husband’s head.”


Played by Gidget

She immortalized “Yo quiero Taco Bell”; now Gidget, 15, “sleeps 23 hours, 45 minutes a day,” jokes Sue Chipperton. Gidget played mom to Bruiser (left) in Legally Blonde 2, but work has dried up for the Valencia, Calif., pup. No problemo, says the trainer: “She’s content to lounge in the sun.”


From Friends
Played by Ripley

After portraying Ross Geller’s primate pal, Ripley, 17, has jumped to ads and appearances. One of three Capuchins on the sitcom—along with Katie and Monkey—Ripley now lives in a habitat on a 165-acre ranch in Acton, Calif. “He is such a sweet monkey,” says trainer Benay Karp, who worked with him on Friends (and gave Jennifer Aniston her terrier mix Norman).


From Marley & Me
Played by Clyde

The title role of Marley (he was the lead dog in a group of 22) made him a sensation, but Clyde—who shot a few episodes of the NBC crime drama Life—doesn’t have any new projects yet. Jokes trainer Mathilde de Cagny: “There probably won’t be any movies starring a Lab for a while!” But Clyde, 3, digs downtime in Venice, Calif. “Toys are his focus in life,” she says. Not to mention trips to the beach, the pool … a puddle. “If there’s a body of water,” says Marley trainer Mark Forbes, “he’s in it.”


From Austin Powers
Played by Mel Gibskin

Mel, 10, a Sphynx cat, was Mini Me’s hairless kitten and also doubled as Dr. Evil’s pet Mr. Bigglesworth (played by Gibskin’s uncle Ted Nudegent) in the trilogy. More recently, he had a spot in Lindsay Lohan‘s I Know Who Killed Me. “Mel really likes being with people,” says trainer Tammy Maples, who gave him his own room in San Bernardino, Calif. “I don’t know if it’s us or our body warmth—he gets cold easily!”


From Frasier
Played by Enzo

Enzo took over the role of Eddie in 2001 from his dad, Moose (who died in ’06), and appeared in the family films My Dog Skipand See Spot Run. Though he once hated Moose and most other dogs, Enzo, 13, is now at peace with his seven canine housemates kept by trainer Mathilde de Cagny in Venice, Calif.—including Clyde from Marley & Me (see p. 122). But age has also brought on back problems—and put an end to Enzo’s favorite pastime. “He loved playing ball all his life,” says de Cagny, who says Enzo now has a new passion: “He walks my son to school every day.”

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