September 25, 2006 12:00 PM

Andy Roddick certainly knows his way around a tennis court. But recently he began contributing to the court of public opinion as well: On his new blog (at, he weighs in on everything from politics to men’s style. We asked the tennis ace for his take on some of the year’s top women’s trends. He agreed, with one caveat: “I’ll be the first to say my own closet is suspect. At best, I own three pairs of jeans and a couple of Lacoste polo shirts. I’m just giving a guy’s view.” Here are his best shots (at the clothes—not, it should be pointed out, at the celebs wearing them).

“I must confess, I am a leg guy! If a woman’s stems are in good shape, a mini is a great way to show them off.”

“Uh, no thanks. I’m sorry, but this is my least favorite look. For some reason, I think it’s sloppy looking, and most people can’t even wear them … which is actually a good thing.”

“I give it a big ‘boo’! You’ve got to ask yourself: ‘How much do I really need to go to lunch?’ They look like they need wheels.”

“I actually dig this look. I am more partial towards girls wearing them casually as opposed to dressing them up. I also like them more as pants, or under skirts rather than dresses. I like this look because it can make a girl look casually stylish without trying too hard.”

“I like this look. With heels, it’s a great way to show off legs. It’s like a miniskirt, with more of a dressed-down casual look, which I am a fan of.”

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