By People Staff
May 03, 1993 12:00 PM

When he moved into Melrose Place—that postgraduate pit stop for 90210ers—Andrew Shue, 26, proved yet again why they don’t call the network Fox for nothing. The former Dartmouth soccer star came fitted for standard-issue beefcake: shy smile, thick curly hair and—yikes!—a chest you could break bricks on. But add a dash of preppy insouciance and the glimmer of gray matter behind those riveting brown eyes and voilà!…the thinking woman’s Luke Perry has arrived.

Although Shue grew up the “normal-looking” third of four soccer-crazed siblings in South Orange, N.J., he has one feature women can’t get enough of. “His skin is perfect.” complains Melrose costar Courtney Thorne-Smith. “You want to kill him. Every seven months or so, he gets a tiny blemish, and we’re all so excited. It’s not fair. No pimples and no fat.”

Shue’s complexion may turn heads (he gets mounds of fan mail each week at Melrose Place), but he keeps his own screwed on straight. “Sure, I get some letters, but it’s not that huge a thing.” As to looks, “I prefer the word attractive to the word beautiful,” he says. “Real beauty is when somebody is very natural and sincere. What people say and do is much more important to me, but I’d be crazy if I said looks don’t matter, because they do.” Nor is he much of a fashion plate. He dresses mostly in soccer sweats and doesn’t own a single suit. “I like things pretty simple. I got a gift certificate to The Gap, but I bought T-shirts.”

Shue lives in a three-bedroom Hollywood house with two Dartmouth buddies and little else. Away from the camera, he plays soccer and “imitates John F. Kennedy on his answering machine”—complete with a mean Boston accent—reports his older sister, actress Elisabeth (Soapdish) Shue, who describes her brother as “a real gentleman.” On the romance front, Shue is currently rumored to be dating Thorne-Smith. In real life he is much less shy than his Melrose alter ego, Billy. “If you like someone, you can’t just take the easy road and think she’ll pick up on it. You have to risk it and go over, and if she doesn’t like you, well, you’ve learned something.” Anybody ready for the graduate course?