November 28, 1994 12:00 PM

IN the foothills of New York’s Catskill Mountains, a cozy bed-and-breakfast called the Guest House nestles among the trees, with no sign of the exotic pasts of the hosts, Shaun and Andrea Plunket. Shaun, 63, a godson of King George VI’s, is the Hon. Shaun Plunket. He’s in the B & B business because he lost a lot of money in a 1980s British financial debacle. The four-times married Andrea, 57 (she is Shaun’s third wife), is best remembered as Andrea Reynolds, Claus von Bulow’s leather-jacketed mistress during his retrial for the attempted murder of his very rich wife, Sunny. Von Bulow’s 1982 conviction was overturned, and he was acquitted in 1985. His relationship with Reynolds ended soon after. “It had become less and less romantic,” she says. “But it would have looked pretty bad if I had walked out earlier—like I thought he was guilty, which I never did.”

Reynolds, a sometime freelance journalist, married Plunket in 1989. As for her new role fluffing pillows and making French toast (her specialty and a favorite with her daughter and two grandchildren), Reynolds is uncomplaining. “I don’t spare myself,” she says. “Whether I break my nails or my knuckles, I give myself totally.”

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