May 12, 1997 12:00 PM

“REGAL.” ANDRE BRAUGHER APPEARS TO BE wrapped in the very word. Whether he’s striding the New York City boards as Shakespeare’s King Henry V or testing the limits of emotional strength as prickly detective and recovering stroke victim Frank Pembleton in NBC’s Homicide: Life on the Street, Braugher’s aristocratic intensity can’t help but command attention. “Andre has one of the most striking faces I’ve ever seen,” says Homicide costar Michelle Forbes. “It’s so powerful. You could stare at his face forever and keep asking questions.” Spouse Ami Brabson, 33, who also plays Braugher’s wife on the show and is expecting their second child in June (son Michael is 4), thinks she knows the answer. “He has the most winning smile,” she says. “There’s no one he couldn’t win over with that smile.” The 34-year-old actor flashes that grin and acknowledges that he indulges in monthly facials and daily treadmill workouts, and “I use my deodorant and brush my teeth in the morning.” But, he points out, “the danger of being beautiful and knowing it is the temptation to stand around and pose.” Which helps explain why, even though costar Richard Belzer credits him with “one of the most beautiful bald heads in show business,” the 6′ Braugher is now letting his hair grow in a bit. “I figured if Pembleton had a stroke,” he says, “shaving his head would be way down on his list of priorities.”

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