June 13, 1988 12:00 PM

Isn’t TV wonderful? Every night it allows all those glamorous, witty people to come into your home and entertain you. Say, how do you suppose one of those glamorous, witty people would feel if someone dropped in to his home for a change? Well, David Letterman had that experience just recently and didn’t find it at all funny or entertaining.

The uninvited guest at Letterman’s home in New Canaan, Conn., was Margaret M. Ray, 36, who arrived chez Dave in mid-May with her son, Alexander, 3. Since Dave was in California at the time—and didn’t know her anyway—Ray let herself in by forcing a window. Then she made herself at home for a few days, eating Dave’s food and driving his $70,000 Porsche.

Porsche came to shove on May 22 when Ray tried to drive into New York City from New Jersey but couldn’t come up with the $3 tunnel toll. She told police she was Mrs. Letterman and introduced her son as David Jr. They checked with Letterman’s office, then pulled her in. This apparently wasn’t the first time that Ray had invoked Letterman’s name. Her arrest warrant also states that several months ago Ray was seen around NBC headquarters in New York, running up a big bill as Mrs. Letterman. In addition it quotes Ray’s mother, Loretta DuVal of Greenwich, Conn., as saying that Ray, who has a history of mental problems, had been bumming around the country and had been arrested before, though never for anything serious.

Letterman, his heart as big as the gap between his teeth, declined to press charges. This may have been a tactical error, though, because five days later Ray was back in the house. This time a cabbie tipped police after Ray, short the $7.30 fare, climbed through a window and came back with $2 in pennies. When police arrived, Ray tried to convince them that she was a writer who was house-sitting for Dave. When they insisted on escorting her from the premises, she asked for time to tidy up. “Dave wouldn’t want to come home to anything but a clean house,” she said.

This time Dave decided to prosecute. Ray is being held on $25,000 bail, pending a psychiatric examination. Her son is with his grandmother. Dave is still in California. But please, don’t drop by.

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