July 17, 1995 12:00 PM

Amnesia cases are our special today/Finding the real you is our forte.” She left it to Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis to follow the clues at the Blue Moon Detective Agency. What Allyce (rhymes with “police”) Beasley, as the pop-eyed receptionist Agnes Dipesto, contributed to ABC’s Moonlighting was…poetry. “People are still lovely to me,” says Beasley 41. “Not a day goes by that they don’t come up and say how much they loved Ms. Dipesto.”

When the show ended in 1989 after four seasons, Beasley retreated to her house in the Hollywood Hills and put her energy into mothering Andréa, “now 7, her son from her 1985-88 marriage to actor Vincent Schiavelli. (A rebound marriage to a French photographer ended in 1994.) “I try to be here when Andréa comes home from school,” she says. “And there hasn’t been another role that I loved enough to make it worth not being a mom.”

Still, Beasley has accepted a handful of TV parts, as well as a role in Dorothy Day, a feature starring Martin Sheen and Moira Kelly, set for fall release. She is also the voice of Roxie the Cow, spokes-animal for a regional dairy. In fact, voice-overs, including children’s cartoons, are her favorite gigs these days. “I’ve been getting to work with my idols,” says Beasley breathlessly, “like Lorenzo Music, the voice of Garfield the Cat.”

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