All They Really Want

Guys can rock out to Alanis Morissette songs too—just ask Ryan Reynolds. “Oh yeah, I love her music,” says the 28-year-old Amityville Horror star, who happens to be Morissette’s fiancé. “It can be awkward when she walks in and I’m listening to it in my underwear dancing.”

The Canadian couple, who got engaged last June, have yet to set a wedding date (“it could be next week or next year,” says Reynolds). “We have a similar sense of humor,” Morissette, 30, told PEOPLE last year. “He’s like a soul brother to me, except that I want to jump his bones.”

When it came to the proposal, Reynolds, known for his turns in ’02’s Van Wilder and ’04’s Blade: Trinity, was a “good, traditional lad,” he says, flying to Ottawa to get her parents’ permission before returning to L.A. to pop the question—that same day. The two have arranged their schedules so Morissette could join Reynolds on sets and he could tag along for most of her European tour, which kicked off April 11.

They’ve already set aside a few days in Paris, where the only agenda will be to do nothing. Says Reynolds: “We just want to be in the same room as much as possible.”

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