By People Staff
March 07, 1988 12:00 PM

The Little Church of the West in Las Vegas is not, perhaps, the most glamorous venue for a celebrity wedding, but when you want to get married in relative privacy, it will do. Thus it was that Dudley Moore and Brogan Lane ducked into the chapel at high noon, and after a 20-minute service—the first of 11 performed at the chapel that day—Moore, a 5’2″ brown-eyed brunette, took Lane, a 5’8″ blue-eyed brunette, as his third wife.

In so doing, he created the mystery woman of the week. Moore’s publicists say that Brogan Lane is an actress-model, 28 years of age. Actually her name is Denise Brogan, and according to the birth date on her marriage license, she’s 32. As for her acting credentials, she’s said to have had a small role in Moore’s 1982 film flop, Six Weeks, a fact no one at Universal Studios can confirm. She is, however, a model, if not a spectacularly successful one. Lane worked with the Wilhelmina Agency five years ago, and a source there says she’s “been with just about every agency in town.”

But what the hey, she’s found a niche with the diminutive Moore, 52, whom she refers to as “sex thimble.” Dudley first met Brogan in 1981, while he, at least, was making Six Weeks. They were reintroduced three years ago and have been living since in his Marina Del Rey home with John, her son from her previous marriage. Obviously Moore has invested a lot of time in this relationship—not to mention what he’s invested in the ring. During the double-ring service, the Rev. Jim Hamilton nervously handed Moore the plain gold band intended for the groom’s finger, rather than the dazzler—two heart-shaped diamonds separated by an emerald-cut blue sapphire—intended for the bride’s. “I spent a lot of money for that ring,” Dudley chided the reverend with a laugh. “I want the right one.”