By People Staff
November 13, 2000 12:00 PM

Adrian Paul knows a thing or two about immortality—and not just from starring for six years as the 400-year-old, forever-young warrior Duncan MacLeod on cable’s cult hit Highlander. Although the series stopped production in 1997 and Paul’s feature film Highlander: Endgame came and went last summer, the British-born actor’s appeal lives on. The 41-year-old former window salesman turned model turned swashbuckler remains the object of ardent adoration on some 300 Highlander-related Web sites. His reputation has even seeped into the forests of Romania, where he shot Endgame. “We were filming in the middle of nowhere,” recalls costar Adam Copeland, “but women recognized him. He was very popular.” Now if only the divorced actor (a six-year marriage to actress Meilani Paul ended in 1997) could find someone to share his Hollywood Hills home, complete with sword collection and 12 volumes of the memoirs of Casanova, a fellow the 6-ft. actor plans to play one day. “I identify with his humor and boyishness,” says Paul. “And then there’s the obvious: his love of the female.”