November 10, 2008 12:00 PM

AGE: 20

HOMETOWN: Cleves, Ohio

SIGN: Capricorn

SEE HIM: As heartbreaker Ty Collins courting the new girl in town on the CW’s 90210.

HIGH SCHOOL EXPERIENCE: I was socially awkward. I went from being a 5’3″ weird kid to a 6’2″ guy. I have stretch marks on my legs. It hurt a lot.

ULTIMATE TURN-ON: Girls who are ambitious. They know what they want. They have goals in life.

MAKE-OUT MUSIC: Anything with Jason Mraz or Amos Lee. The poetry guys, who think about their lyrics.

ON-SET LOVE: Lori Loughlin [who plays Debbie], she’s my lady. I had a crush on her when she was Aunt Becky on Full House. I wanted to be Jesse.

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