February 25, 2008 12:00 PM

Two years after “starving” herself to lose 31 lbs. on Celebrity Fit Club, Kelly LeBrock says she’s okay with a curvier body

Two years ago, Kelly LeBrock was one of Celebrity Fit Club’s weight-loss success stories, dropping 31 lbs. in 14 weeks. To do so, however, “I was starving myself,” LeBrock says. “Toward the end, I was exercising twice a day. That was very, very bad.” What’s been better for the mother of three (with her ex-husband Steven Seagal) is acknowledging that her size-2 figure (made famous in ’80s films like Weird Science and The Woman in Red) “isn’t the end-all be-all,” she says. Besides, at 47, “I’ve got the kids and all the stuff that makes us a little larger as we get older,” says LeBrock, who last July married retired investment banker Fred Steck. “As long as my husband’s looking at me, that’s all I care about!” Vowing “never to diet again,” LeBrock says she now only cuts back on food favorites like lasagna with crème béchamel sauce when she can’t “fit in my fat pants.” (The closets in her Santa Barbara, Calif., home are stocked with clothes from sizes 2 to 12.) And though she cops to the use of Botox and other fillers to keep her face young looking, LeBrock refuses to weigh herself. “I could be like everyone else [in Hollywood] and stop eating,” she says. “But that wouldn’t make me happy.”





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