February 03, 2003 12:00 PM

Rachel Griffiths must have thought she was in a time warp. There she was again, watching her fellow Aussie and Muriel’s Wedding costar Toni Collette spin around the dance floor in a wedding dress to ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” with her new husband. “Who would have thought,” said Griffiths, “we would be doing it for real 10 years later?”

Even better, this time there was no director yelling “Cut!” to spoil Collette’s happy ending. The 30-year-old star of last year’s About a Boy and 1999’s The Sixth Sense wed David Galafassi, 25, a drummer in the Australian band Gelbison, on Jan. 11 in a sunset ceremony at her 25-acre ranch outside Berry in New South Wales.

The pair, who began dating early last year, kept the wedding details under tight wraps. The saffron-robed Buddhist monks who performed prayer chants before and after the civil ceremony didn’t know whose wedding they were attending until they arrived, and the band and catering people had been told they’d been hired for Collette’s birthday party. The secrecy paid off: “The wedding was so wonderful,” says Griffiths, a newlywed herself after marrying artist Andrew Taylor on Dec. 31. “They are so lovely together and very happy.”

After the ceremony Collette, wearing an embroidered cream-colored gown with antique lace created by Aussie designer Collette Dinnigan, and Galafassi, in a grey pinstriped suit, hit the dance floor with their 73 guests, stopping only to take in a fireworks display. The celebration continued until 4 a.m., capping an evening that Collette calls “more beautiful and amazing than we ever thought possible.” Muriel certainly would have been proud.

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