By People Staff
April 08, 1974 12:00 PM

For years Britain’s royal family has lived confidently among its subjects, almost complacent in its feeling of safety. Now, sadly, that attitude has had to change. Following the recent abortive attempt to kidnap Princess Anne, a security screen has been thrown around all members of the royal family, but nowhere was it more visible than around the princess. Although a royal spokesman announced crisply that the family had “no intention of living in bulletproof cages,” plainclothesmen (above) and uniformed police ringed the grounds as equestrienne Anne warmed up her mount at the Amberley Horse Trials in Cirencester. And although detectives tried to mingle with the crowd by affecting a sartorial camouflage of horsey tweeds and checks, they could be easily spotted nonetheless—their telltale green government Wellington boots gave them away.