June 18, 2007 12:00 PM


May 12, 2007

6 lbs. 14 oz.

As Donald Trump Jr. posed on the red carpet with his very pregnant wife, Vanessa, at a May 11 Operation Smile gala, he quipped to her about their child: “Being it’s a Trump, I’m surprised the baby didn’t want to make an appearance!” No joke. Minutes later, inside the venue, Vanessa’s water broke. The couple stuck around to schmooze and raise money for the children’s charity for more than an hour (“I don’t know what I was thinking!” says model-actress Vanessa) before making a dash to the hospital. More than 21 hours of labor later, The Donald’s first grandchild, Kai Madison, arrived. The baby girl has already received a Tiffany porcelain bunny and plate set from Donald Sr., 61, and wife Melania—as well as a hand-me-down bib from 14-month-old Uncle Barron.

“She’s a great little girl,” says Vanessa, 29, sitting in the family’s decidedly un-Trump-like, gilt-free two-bedroom Manhattan apartment overlooking the Hudson River. What’s very Trump-like: Kai’s hair. “Everyone who sees her is amazed by the hair,” says Mom. “She needed it shampooed right away!” On feeding and diaper duty is her proud daddy, a VP at the Trump Organization. “I’m used to taking care of business, always having to be tough,” Trump Jr., 29, says. “It’s a very softening experience.”

For Kai’s granddad too—sort of. “I’m thrilled,” Trump says of being a first-time grandfather, but “it probably never will sink in.” So what will The Donald’s brand new apprentice call him? “Anything,” he laments, “but Grandpa.”

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