By Michelle Tan
January 21, 2008 12:00 PM


Nov. 20, 2007

7 lbs. 12 oz.

At a mere two months, Griffin Thomas McIntyre already loves to make some noise. “He coos and stuff, but he hums a lot!” says proud dad Joey McIntyre. “He did it, like, for two hours straight one day. It was cute, but then it was like, ‘Wait, is this normal?'”

Yes—especially when Dad is a former New Kid on the Block who serenades his son with warm-up scales. “It definitely quiets him down,” says McIntyre, 35. Another trait Griffin picked up from his old man? “He likes his hands to be massaged, which is very like me,” says McIntyre. After Griffin’s nightly bath, “my thumb is massaging the palm of his hand, and he totally chills out.”

As the youngest of nine and the uncle to 10 nieces and nephews, the Boston-bred performer—who is currently developing a TV show with fellow Dancing with the Stars alums Joey Fatone, Joey Lawrence and Drew Lachey—easily adapted to his new daddy duties. It helps that “my wife and I are a great team,” he says. Each day McIntyre spends the morning playing with Griffin so that his wife of four years, Barrett, 29, can enjoy her eggs and coffee in peace. Then the entire family plops down on the couch in their L.A. home to watch The View and “get our Whoopi fill,” he says.

McIntyre is also in charge of tidying up around the house (“I like clearing away the clutter”) and grocery shopping, a task that’s been much easier since Fatone gave the McIntyres an electronic grocery-list maker. Another thing he has on his to-do list? Buy more onesies. “He’s already growing out of clothes,” says McIntyre. Not that he’s complaining: “Every day I get to experience with him is a joy.”