By People Staff
November 21, 1988 12:00 PM

Maybe the movie that Disney previewed, the new animated feature Oliver & Company, based on Dickens’ Oliver Twist, didn’t win universal raves from the crowd. No less a critic than John Lithgow’s son, Nathan, 5, reported that he liked the film “only a little bit.” No matter—the post-screening party held to celebrate the movie was an unqualified success. Stage 5 on the Disney lot in Burbank was turned into a private amusement park replete with a Ferris wheel, a carousel and enough hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, dim sum, cotton candy and egg creams to sicken a rather large elementary school.

Steven Spielberg, Candice Bergen, and Chevy Chase were among the celebs arriving en famille for the event, and there was a bit of excitement right at the beginning. Spielberg came with his wife, Amy Irving, and their son, Max, 3, belying rumors that the couple is splitting up. Paparazzi snapped the family group in such a photo-op frenzy that Max began to cry—it was one of his first close encounters with the fourth estate. Once Max’s tears dried, however, the guests settled into spiritedly debating which are the most beloved Disney films and characters. Jane Seymour, chomping on a burger, picked Snow White. Her daughter, Katie, 6, named Minnie Mouse as her creature of choice. Charles Fleischer, the voice of Roger Rabbit, was on hand with daughters Rachel and Jessica. One smart cookie, Jessica, 5, chose Dad’s Rabbit as her fave character.

In due time, the debate died down, the dim sum grew cold, and the egg creams ran out of fizz. Naturally, some of the guests echoed Oliver by asking for more, but finally there was nothing for them to do but leave the magic kingdom of Stage 5, returning to the drab reality of life in Hollywood. Okay. Not so drab.