By People Staff
October 14, 2002 12:00 PM

Goldie Hawn & Kate Hudson
These two look so much alike that only the mole above Hawn’s lip seems to distinguish them. “There is a gene pool that’s definitely at work,” director pal Rob Reiner says of Hawn, 56, and Hudson, 23, whose dad is musician Bill Hudson. Beyond the IMAX-size smiles, they share “a full-of-life thing,” says Reiner. With Hawn’s Banger Sisters recently opening in the same week as Hudson’s Four Feathers, the dueling premieres meant “we got to hang out twice in one week!” says Mom.

Susan Sarandon & Eva Amurri

“She is creative and full of energy,” Sarandon, 56, says of Eva, 17 (Dad is director Franco Amurri), who plays—what else?—her daughter in Banger Sisters. “I think she got some of that stuff from me.”

Kate Capshaw & Jessica

Her stepdad may be Steven Spielberg, but Jessica, 26, has modeled her showbiz career after mom Kate, 48. (Dad is marketing exec Robert Capshaw.) Like Kate, Jessica earned her bachelor’s degree (from Brown University) before graduating to acting. Now costarring on ABC’s The Practice, Jessica “reads for parts just like her mom did when she was getting started,” says a source. “They’re both pretty independent.”

Princess Caroline & Charlotte

“The apple has not fallen far from the tree, and it’s quite a regal tree,” W European editor Kevin West says of Monaco’s Charlotte, 16, and Caroline, 45, who have matching pouts and brows. At Charlotte’s age, Caroline “was positively luminous,” says a friend. “Charlotte reminds me of Caroline at that time.”

Madonna & Lourdes

Madonna does so look like Lola, especially in the face,” says Shireen Ritchie, stepmother to Madonna‘s husband, Guy Ritchie. Lourdes (a.k.a. Lola), who turns 6 on Oct. 14, may have the olive complexion of her dad, fitness trainer-actor Carlos Leon, but she is clearly a material girl at heart. “She’s got a pretty sophisticated wardrobe,” Madonna, 44, told IN STYLE last year. “She’s the girliest girl I know. Next to me.”

Ivana Trump & Ivanka

University of Pennsylvania student Ivanka, 20, “is more understated; I’m more froufrou,” says Donald Trump’s ex, 53. Still, “she raids my closet for the shoes!” Not to mention, “she drags me clubbing. We have a ball!”